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Website Development

Website Building

This website is implemented in WML and maintained through CVS.

Its build process is be started every six hours (at 0, 6, 12, 18 o'clock). Only those parts will be rebuilt that were modified before. Hence, changes don't take effect immediately.

Should something go wrong during the build process, an error log is sent to an admin via mail, so the problem will be noticed.

Access via CVS

On every page you'll find a link to its source code in the CVS repository.

You can browse the entire source code of this website via cvsweb.

You can also access the entire source code of this website via anonymous CVS with an empty password:

   cvs -d login
   cvs -d co

Mailing List

Whenever the CVS repository is changed, a mail containing the differences is generated and distributed to a mailing list.

The lists address is <>.

To subscribe yourself to the list please send a mail to

  • <> with the line "subscribe live-web-cvs" in the message body --OR--
  • <> with the line "subscribe" in the subject.

Content Negotiation

Even though the main language for this website is English, several parts are translated into other languages to support people who don't speak or read English fluently. A standard for distributing web pages in the proper language has bee introduced, called content negotiation.

Content negotiation allows a visitor to specify one or more languages in the browser. Thereupon the browser and the web server negotiate which language the web server should send to the browser.

This is best described on the Debian website, including troubleshooting.

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