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Mailing Lists

We maintain some mailing-lists for all concerns of this project. It is not yet divided into a user and a developer part but has a split web part.

User and Developer

This list may be split into a user and a developer list, depending on the traffic.

The lists address is <>.

To subscribe yourself to the list please send a mail to

  • <> with the line "subscribe live-gnu-linux" in the message body --OR--
  • <> with the line "subscribe" in the subject.

If you have problems with the above, please send a mail to <> with the line "help" in the message body, or anything else not understood by the program.

This mailing-list is archived publically.

If you want to unsubscribe from this list, use "unsubscribe" instead of "subscribe" and use the same procedure as above.


CVS mails generated by website maintenance are sent to <>. The subscription mechanism is the same as from the above list. This list is not archived publically, but the CVS repository is public.

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